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The Horror Comic For Kids. Shortlisted for the Young People's Award at the British Comic Awards in 2014.

32pp full-colour digital comic book in PDF form. 24.4MB.

Featuring 7 gruesome tales by:

Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Jonathan Edwards
Paul Harrison-Davies
James Howard
Gary Northfield
Jamie Smart
Andrew Waugh

Edited by Paul Harrison-Davies & Andrew Waugh

"Really good, and genuinely creepy, comics for kids" -- Graham Linehan

"This collection of seven top-notch Brit artists creating a proper horror comic for kids, one that doesn’t pull its punches at all, one intended to send a really big shiver up the spine of the younger readers, is something well worth waiting for... Boo! is a small, yet rather perfectly formed horror comic for kids (although there’s a lot in there for us grown ups as well). In many ways, not least quality, production values and some shared artists, it has something of the same comic DNA as the Phoenix Comic... I was expecting something fun, certainly something very well crafted, you only need look at the list of seven very, very good artists involved to realise that. But what I wasn’t expecting was just how darkly creepy some of these pieces managed to be. I’m not a big fan of modern shock ‘em and make ‘em jump horror, I much prefer psychological horror that sends a shiver down your spine and fills you with some indescribable, illogical, primal fear, the sort of fear that means grown men and women pause slightly before opening the door in the dark or looking outside into pitch black for fear of what may be out there... Children and adults alike should get so much out of Boo!" -- The Forbidden Planet Blog